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Governor Hochul Unveils Revised Penn Station Redevelopment Plans

On Monday November 3rd, Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled her plans to redevelop Penn Station and convert it into a world-class, commuter-first transportation hub. While the city and its partners just completed the brand new Moynihan Train Hall, it mostly serves In her announcement she declared that "The era of neglecting our Penn Station commuters and neighboring community is over."

The current Penn Station, which was rebuilt in 1968, is the busiest train station in the Western Hemisphere and serviced more than 600,000 commuters per day pre-covid, with New Yorkers making up 60% of total ridership. Transportation authorities project this number will reach over 890,000 people per day by the year 2038.

The Governor's estimates the project will cost $6-7 Billion over the next 4-5 years. She stressed that this is projection and the total cost and timeline will be subject to a number of factors.

The project aims to create 8 acres of public space to create a commuter-friendly atmosphere and unbundle the congestion caused by heavy traffic.

Her new plan by reduces the total density of the plans of her predecessor by 1.4 million SF. The project will still call skyscrapers to be built around Penn Station.

The project will create 50,000 construction jobs. There will be 1,800 residential units constructed, 540 of them permanently set aside as affordable housing.

The governor wants to start immediately.


  • Moynihan primarily serves Amtrak riders, brings ppl from outside NY

  • Put New York commuters first

  • Governor wants to start immediately

  • Penn stakeholders advisory group


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